Day One

So here we are again, my old friend & nemesis, pen and paper. It’s been a while. I was starting to think I would never pick you up again. Finally, be done with you. Fully commit to my dream of being a dental hygienist. Just to be clear pen & paper - I’m making you go back to work.
None of this waiting around until inspiration strikes. 

The muse is good and dead, hopped a bus to New York to roll around with some handsome young Instagram poet ” my love fades like the melting snow in a summer breeze.” Punch that guy right in the throat. Metaphorically of course. I don’t endorse violence. 

 Anyways, here’s the deal kid - consistency over intensity. That’s the focus. For the next week, you’re going to wake up early, show up to this table and write.
A week seems like a low-bar achievable goal. Oh, and here’s the kicker - you’re going to toss your morning pages online because that’s what scares you. It’s time to get over your Luddite tendencies. And maybe if you create the oppurinty the muse will hop a bus home and you can get back to creating. 

Namaste mother #$%$@#.

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