Writer & Community Manager 

Ah, the dreaded bio.

Why do we have to write these in the 3rd person? The only answer I can come up with is that it's a little trick to lend ourselves some credibility and to help subdue the self-doubt goblins. I mean, it makes sense - being a creative, presenting our work, and owning who we are as artists is scary on the best of days and feels downright impossible on the worst of days.

However, through working with a number of artists and through my own creative pursuits, I've come to learn that hiding behind false bravado is a trap that prevents us from having the impact we seek to make. To produce truly great work we need to embrace vulnerability and lean into imposter syndrome.

So who am I ?

As I sit here - the morning of March 26, 2021 - sipping coffee, scratching out this bio, and watching the first honest spring rain wash away the winter grime from these St. Henri streets, I am a this: a writer from Edmonton Alberta who is currently working as the Community Manager for Image Salon in Montréal Québec. Also I'm currently crawling out of a creative rut through daily writing and sending bits of my work out through the mail.

You can reach me at: bryce@brycecharlie.com 

Photos by Daniel Esteban

Sidenote: Daniel's work is top-notch. An absolute gem of a photographer and artist. If you have the time, you should click over to check out his site.

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